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1296 MHz EME echo

welcome to HB9Q homepage….

HB0/HB9DBM microwave DXpedition was successful

From 27. November to 2. December 2018 the Q-Team members Mark, HB9DBM and Dan, HB9CRQ have activated HB0 (Liechtenstein) on 23, 13, 9, 6 and 3cm. For more information click here.

SV9 microwave DXpedition May 2019

This is the preannouncement for our next DXpedition. For more information click here.

All-new EME Logger

After more than 10 years, we have completely rebuilt our EME Logger. The goal was to make it more user-friendly, adding at the same time additional features. Some highlights:
  • very easy to use. Understanding the functionality is intuitional
  • pleasant to work with
  • 1 logger per band (from 50 to 10xxx MHz)
  • you may choose (customize) the bands you are interested in
  • you may attach pictures, pdf and text-files, audio-files, videos, screenshots and links to your message
  • semi-automated and easy way to address messages
  • CQ function
  • easy conversation functions (highlight and include/exclude calls)
  • quick and easy traffic-history look-up
For security reasons all users of the „old“ logger have to re-register, sorry for the inconvenience. Please fill-in all data requested. It is of very good use for all users to have your up-to-date station-information available on one click.

Next Activity

Please look for us on HB9Q and N0UK loggers. We always announce our activity there.
We may be QRV on all bands (from 144 MHz to 10GHz) at more or less any time including weekdays. If you like to work us, please let us know by e-mail or just look for us when you are QRV, we may also be there!
Looking forward to work you soon!

Microwave skeds welcome!

We are capable of working QRP stations on all microwave bands up to 10 GHz. Minimum requirements to work us are:
  • 1296 MHz: 1 yagi and 10 W or a 1.5m dish and 5 W
  • 23xx MHz: 1 yagi and 20 W or a 1.5m dish and 10 W
  • 3400 MHz: 1.5m dish and 20 W
  • 5760 MHz: 1.5m dish and 10 W
  • 10xxx MHz: 0.6m dish and 10 W
If you want to work us please e-mail to We are happy to sked with you!