Q-Team microwave DXpedition to Crete SV9/HB9CRQ

After a DXpedition is before a DXpediton… we are happy to announce our next Q-Team microwave DXpedition!
From 10. May until 17. May 2019 the Q-Team (Sam HB9COG and Dan HB9CRQ) will be QRV with their DXpedition station from SV9 on 23 to 3cm.

The tickets and the accommodation are booked and payed.

Our QTH locator will be KM25XA, on the southeast cost of Crete. We should have a pretty good MR and MS, we expect to have just a few degrees of elevation. We will be using my call sign for this DXpedition: SV9/HB9CRQ

Our activity will be as follows:
Friday                 10. May               MR to MS           1296
Saturday             11. May               MR to MS           1296
Sunday               12. May               MR to MS           23xx
Monday               13./14. May        MR to MS           3400
Tuesday              14./15. May        MR to MS           5760
Wednesday         15./16. May        MR to MS           10xxx
Thursday             16./17. May        MR to MS           open
Friday                  17./18. May        MR to MS           open

In April we will publish the next update.
We are looking forward to our SV9/HB9CRQ DXpedition and hope to work many of you!