5760 MHz | Our Equipment


  • 10m solid dish by Zeppelin 1966, f/d: 0.43
  • W2IMU dual mode feed with septum polarizer built by PE1RKI
  • C-Band preamp MKU LNA 571 B, 0.58 dB NF by DB6NT
  • GaAs FET Power Amplifire MKU PA 6cm – 100W A by DB6NT, 100W at feed
  • TRV MKU 57 G3 432 Professional-899 by DB6NT
  • Elecraft K3
  • IQ+ 28MHz single channel rev. C and UADC4 by HB9DRI
  • Linrad by SM5BSZ, MAP65, WSJT10 by K1JT, WSJT-X, HDSDR by DG0JBJ/I2PHD

5760 MHz | Statistics

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